Ukraine will be victorious, no doubt! And Russia should be told.

Wake up, Europe? Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992, Ukraine 2022: Young people & their contribution to international solidarity in times of war

In April 1992, exactly 30 years ago, the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina began. It lasted for three and a half years, cost the lives of 100,000 people and made refugees of half the population. Today, there is war again in the middle of Europe, and already more than 3 million people from Ukraine have fled the violence imposed on them to other countries in Europe. 

7 April 2022, Berlin, Germany  

Find more info here about the workshop organised by crossborder factory, CIFE and The Balkan Forum, with the support of the Franco-German Youth Office 

Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine

Medyka, a border area between Poland and Ukraine, where thousands of Ukraine refugees, predominantly women and children, are assisted by hundreds of NGO's, volunteers and other actors from Poland,  Israel, India, South Korea, Egypt, Ireland, Spain, France, and countless more countries.

22 March 2022 

Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Implications for the Western Balkans

Putin's anti-civilisational aggression against an independent and peaceful country requires us to stand on the side of the oppressed. This is our moral duty as staying neutral must not be an option. 

21 March 2022 

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Russian aggression against Ukraine raises profound concerns in the Western Balkans

Joint statement by the CSOs from Kosovo and Serbia on the potential consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the Western Balkans.  

17 March 2022 

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Situation in Ukraine - Interview @TRT World News Hour with Maria Ramos