EPC – It gives us a sense of belonging

Besnik Vasolli for Vicinity Chronicles, 25 October 2022 

Kosovo, an aspirant state for EU membership, welcomes and appreciates this new organization that gives energy to Kosovo to undertake even more reforms. 

When French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the European Political Community (EPC), few people knew what it meant, and many still doubt that this organization will find the right space. Many argue that this is not a new idea, having its roots in 1952 as well as the “European Confederation” proposed by President Francois Mitterrand in 1989. However, this time, Europe and its allies face a host of challenges, with a time of crisis, initiated primarily by the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, which, in addition to violating international law and violating all human rights conventions, is causing a global food and energy supply crisis.

Kosovo believes and welcomes this initiative as it unites all the states of Europe, including those from the Western Balkans, to coordinate our common response to all threats and move towards securing a peaceful and developed Europe. At the same time, the voice of Kosovo is equal to the other participants, making this organization very special. Kosovo will ensure that it will contribute to the export of stability, security and prosperity and will give its fair contribution to the alignment of policies with free and peace-loving democracies.

We are pleased to participate in a forum that is intended to be a common space that will comprehensively accommodate European nations, finding solutions and addressing long-term problems. The October 6 meeting in Prague gives us a sense of belonging, especially seeing the attitude of the participants in ensuring unity and the willingness to work together to find solutions to the current and unforeseen challenges we will face. We therefore look forward to an EPC that will provide a forum for policy coordination that will foster dialogue and cooperation in addressing issues of common interest.

We look forward to this forum continuing to be open, addressing and resolving interests and challenges across Europe, which reinforces mutual understanding and helps us harmonize our positions on the most pressing issues.

The upcoming meetings to be organized by Moldova and Spain will be crucial to see if they can overcome their differences regarding the status of Kosovo. These countries have not yet recognized Kosovo, so the real test of EPC will happen very soon, let’s all hope that we can overcome our differences and strive for a common project like EPC. The time for a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) for the continent of Europe is now when all EU member states and all freedom and peace loving nations join forces and act together. Kosovo, until today, has aligned 100% with the EU CFSP, moreover, even though Kosovo is not yet a member of the Council of Europe, Kosovo has unilaterally included the conventions of the Council of Europe in the Constitution and its legislative framework.

Having said that, we understand that by joining the EPC we are not prejudging membership of the European Union. Kosovo, an aspirant state for EU membership, welcomes and appreciates this new organization that gives energy to Kosovo to undertake even more reforms. At the same time, we hope that the EU will continue the future enlargement and when the time comes we pray that all the countries of the Western Balkans will join the EU. Until then, Kosovo will make good progress in undertaking the necessary reforms.

Author: Besnik Vasolli


Besnik Vasolli is a seasoned consultant with more than 17 years of experience in European Integration, Public Administration Reform, the Role of Law and Good Governance